Monday, June 23, 2008

The Tragedy of Overzealous Prosecutors

Recently on this blog, my associate, TJ Perlick-Molinari, discussed a gang shooting case he won by talking about "The Tragedy of Gang Violence." It was, as he pointed out, a nasty and unnecessary shooting. What he failed to mention (or brag about!) is how important a vigorous defense attorney is in the process of criminal justice. Here, the state charged a shooting as a "party to a crime" which includes aiding and abetting, facilitating, conspiracy, etc., to commit the crime. However, the prosecutor alleged, through their victim, that our client did it directly.

The victim was just a rival gang member who was out to enhance his position and reduce his own prison time. It was a ridiculous case that never should have been brought and the jury saw right through it. If it hadn't been for TJ's aggressive defense, this client would be at Dodge Correctional Institution right now. The defense matters - though this is largely unseen and unrecognized by the public. TJ's post was far too modest - he was a hero that day for the cause of acting as a fundamental check on governmental power that ran amuk. Kudos to him and all like him that call out prosecutors and police without just rolling over and pleading clients out.

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