Monday, September 22, 2008

More Kiddie hysteria....

Well the feds are at it again: "State and federal authorities are investigating the possible sexual abuse of minors at a 15-acre evangelical compound run by a convicted tax evader whom critics describe as a cult leader." See the entire story here. "The Tony Alamo Christian Ministries complex in southwestern Arkansas was raided Saturday by more than 100 federal and state police, and six children have been placed in temporary state custody and are being interviewed." The CNN video reports here detail that there are allegations of child porn, and sexual "abuse" withing the Alamo ministries.

Can you say witchhunt? Apparently the feds have been after Alamo for years - repeatedly raiding his compounds in California, Texas and now Arkansas. The evidence that the cops are supposedly acting on is not being revealed but it is very reminescient of the raids on the Koresh compound in Waco, Texas, and the polygamist raid in Utah earlier this year where over 400 kids were removed. As usual, the raid is highly publicized but the evidence of wrongdoing - specific, REAL evidence - is never revealed. Moreover, the anguish of the families and the individual cases are quickly forgotten (or never considered) by the public at large.

My wish for law enforcement and prosecutors is that they finally get over there incessant need to grand stand in high profile busts without considering the emotional, finacial and reputation fall-out to the people involved.

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