Monday, February 9, 2009

A Wall of Justice....

Recently the court of appeals basically attacked former Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Joseph Wall in opinion vacating the sentence of Landry Harris on drug charges because, they said, his comments at sentencing were capable of being interpreted as racist. Aside from the very thin reasoning in the opinion, they really picked on the wrong guy. I have known Joe Wall for many years and can say with great confidence that he is one of the fairest, brightest and most professional attorney I have ever met. He is deeply involved in the rights of the poor and goes out of his way to be fair in all circumstances. Moreover, he is a very decent human being.

While he may have used strong language (referring to the girlfriend supporting him as his "baby mama") it was not out of line in any way (and that's coming from a defense attorney!) . The appellate judges here simply must have more significant cases to work on than this kind of trivial nonsense! Come on, there are real problems with the system that need to be addressed!

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