Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sex hysteria and Perversion of the Truth

I had the painful experience of listening to the Supreme Court debate between Justice Louis Butler and Circuit Judge Michael Gableman last night at the State Bar Center in Madison. Virtually the entire debate centered around the negative ads that have defined this campaign and smeared both candidates.

As an ardent Butler supporter, I was incredulous at Gableman's refusal to recant the obviously slanderous content of the ad that HIS campaign wrote and he approved. He claims it was "fair game" to talk about the candidates past work. Fair enough. However, the ad is severely misleading and leaves the strong impression that Butler's work on a sexual assault appeal (while he was a public defender) somehow "sprung" a child molester that "went on" to commit more assaults.

In fact, Butler raised the issues of the irregularities in the trial and an unanimous court of appeals agreed and reversed the conviction and sent the case only for a new trial. The man was not released. The Supreme Court agreed (again, unanimously) with Butler but nonetheless reinstated the conviction because there was overwhelming evidence so the error was "harmless." The man served his entire sentence and only committed another assault years later.
Gableman, however, juxtaposes pictures of Butler and the man together and then asks - who would you trust to protect Wisconsin's children? How much more perverted can you get? Not the man....Gableman! He wants to be a trusted member of the state's highest court but can't even exercise the judgement to debate issues fairly or to accurately portray a set of facts. This overzealous pursuit of a position of power stands in stark contrast to Butler's calm composure, keen intellect and rational judgment.

I hope that enough of the truth about this fine justice and honorable man is communicated to the public prior to the April 1st election. We have a great court right now....Gableman will not be a welcome addition.

See more about this focus on attack ads here.

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