Monday, March 31, 2008

This One Vote Counts......

To readers of this blog who are not in "the system" I would like to emphasize the critical importance of tomorrows Supreme Court election (as an aside, we may soon need to have a serious discussion about campaign reform and/or the appointment of judges to eliminate the misleading, jaded, and money-influenced system that exists).

This is for a 10 year term on a court that not only administers the entire court system in Wisconsin but also renders opinions on the most pressing issues of our day from corporate regulation to overreaching police searches and interrogations. Our present court is evenly split in the traditional conservative/liberal paradigm (to the extent that we can even apply that to a "detached" body of government) and, in my view, have been remarkably competent and thoughtful in recent years.

We have a court that is admired nationally and it is headed by a Chief Justice (Shirley Abrahamson) whose balanced view of the law and the administration of justice is something we should all be thankful for. Yes, I am an unabashed defense advocate so some may discount this appraisal of the court. However, I also run a small business and understand that tying the hands of business interests benefits no one - especially my clients who need jobs.

Louis Butler is the only serious candidate to consider here. Gableman is simply throwing his name out there and slinging mud as hard as he can hoping to pick off not just a great justice but one of the finest men I have ever had the pleasure to know. In fact, Butler was recently rated by two SE Wisconsin Bar associations as "qualified" by 90% of the membership while Gableman was found so by just 1/3. This speaks volumes about how the profession feels and they got it right.

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